ORIGINAL John Dyer Baizley Illustration 'Echeveria'

SELLING // Original ‘Echeveria’ Illustration from John Dyer Baizley. Purchased from Metropolis gallery in Nov 2009 during his first solo art show.

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RARE THOMAS HOOPER Winter Solstice (Black Mandalas Series:1) Artifact Pub 10 of 100!

FOR SALE - Piece 10 / 100 made

Black and Green Press Fundraiser for NEW Anarcho-Primitivist Magazine


"So I’ve just launched a multipurpose funding campaign for B&G Press. The scope of this campaign is to get funds, preorders subscriptions, and bulk orders for my upcoming book, Roots: A Field Guide to Anarcho-Primitivism, and our new magazine, Black and Green Review.
There are a lot of killer ideas being pushed around and increasing potential to see a number of B&G Press titles out this year. Help us make it happen.

Please share this widely, we’ve got a lot of funds to gather and some awesome publications to sign on for.
International folks, hold tight, I’m working on figuring out appropriate international rates for mailing.” - Kevin Tucker // Black and Green Press


" Knowing that money isn’t always the easiest way to help, our hope is that if you don’t have funds and are interested in pushing these debates and titles, you can at least help us spread the word as far and wide as possible. The more successful these campaigns are, the more we can put out for the world to see and the more accessible we can make it. “

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Spring has come and it is time to forage for many wild edible foods! Morel mushrooms are a favorite for me and very easy to ID. They are a truly wild food and have not yet been able to be grown in labs, making them the “anarchist mushroom.” (thanks Kevin Tucker for your wit)


First sign of a morel (still growing)

Here is some simple advice for beginners that has helped me get to know my local area. If you can afford a book it’s great to take out in the field with you. Libraries usually offer some sort of local field guides. You can learn a lot by going out to a wild area and looking up what you see in a guide. Guides are usually broken up into sections described by leaf and/ or petal shape, color, season, etc and you will learn a lot by searching for what you see around you. If searching for edibles a guide will usually list poisonous looks alikes so you know what to avoid. They also include suggestions to avoid as a beginner if there are multiple poisonous look alikes.

Bring a friend or go solo but GET OUT THERE! I was taught many foraging tips from experienced friends who took me out for hikes. I never spotted morels before and they taught me how and where to really look. Now every spring I’m out with someone new getting them stoked on foraging too. Calm your mind and get your hands dirty. You will not regret learning how to do this. The importance of connecting with your food can not be overstated.

My book suggestion is “Mushrooms Demystified” by David Arora

It’s a hefty book with a ton of great information and photos.

Please share some of your favorite titles/resources/tips!